MOLDS & DIE-CUTTING   Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

Manufacturing Process


creates, designs and produces injected parts based on polymethyl methacrylate (among others), a material that guarantees stability in its shape, color and assembly. Through a comprehensive process of manufacturing plastic products, which begins with the analysis and selection of materials until packaging and distribution to the national and international markets. The production chain involves the activities of injection, stamping, assembly, ultrasound welding, among others, to later deliver a product ready for commercialization. During the injection process, three main stages are met to achieve the final product: 

  • Injection
  • Plastificize
  • Expulsión
The injection process consists of heating the pellets of a thermoplastic material to transform them into a type of dough through a plasticizing cylinder, giving the final shape to the mold. When the plastic is in the mold, it is cooled by means of circuits where water flows and finally the mold is opened to obtain a solid piece.
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