MOLDS & DIE-CUTTING   Certified Company ISO 9001:2015

The Company

fabrica matromolMatromol started more than 36 years ago (1982) focused mainly on the auto parts replacement market through the manufacture of plastic parts and metalworking molds. The company faced this challenge as a commitment to demonstrate that it was possible to meet the demands of the automotive industry and the support of advanced technology in the production of lamps, stops, luxuries and accessories for high-end automotive vehicles.
The company's production process has been developed under rigorous control through the Quality Management System, a constant research initiative and an effort to perfect the production cycle. This has had repercussions for the most important assembly companies worldwide such as G.M. COLMOTORES, RENAULT SOFASA and HINO MOTORS have approved us for the manufacture of original and replacement parts in their vehicles, in response to our infrastructure and development.
The experience and current challenges have led the growth of the company to expand the diversity of services and products to different industries that have entrusted their projects to our trajectory and today are part of the strategic alliances of the company in different central and southern countries. from America.
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